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We are a team of experts in the blockchain industry passionate about growing the next frontier of the web.

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Meet our founder.

Niko Veatch

Niko is a proven recruiting leader in the blockchain space. He was able to successfully build out several key teams as one of the first recruiting leads at Coinbase. After Coinbase, he sought to build an organization in the nascent Web3 space and joined Celo.org to scale its team from a few people to one of the largest international projects in crypto.

Niko uniquely understands the challenges that come with scaling blockchain organizations. Having seen a clear gap in finding the right talent while recruiting in-house, Niko started ScaleChain. ScaleChain has served as a key recruiting conduit to some of the largest crypto brands in the world such as Uniswap and Dapper.

In his spare time Niko is an avid NFT collector being a member of PROOF Collective and Quantum.

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